Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DISQUS explored

I've read some good things about how DISQUS works.

Experiencing it myself for the first time with this post.
I'll track the overall experience and give an update once I have had time to digest it.

A single place to monitor and traffic and syndicate all the discussions that surrounds my online activity seems promising and efficient.

UPDATE - two days later.

I didn't really expect that comments and subscribers would explode now that I'm using the service. But some of the hype surrounding it did leave me with that impression. Did I believe the hype? maybe. What else would a hopeful hermit do?

Until this content is well worth reading and has a reason to have a following, I wouldn't really expect the benefits of this kind of service to be noticed. I'll give another report once a reach a notable number of subscribers. For now I would say the sign up experience was smooth and intuitive. I knew going in what the service was about, but if i had stumbled upon it, I might not be completely clear what the benefits would be to someone fresh to the content production business.