Friday, February 12, 2010

The Matrix - Social Media Planning Tool

I have been presented with a couple of opportunities to use a planning matrix or two in the last several weeks. I was glad to see the way the Jeremiah Owyang has been using them over at his blog the in last dozen posts. We have recently been challenged with our thinking at Pursuant with a fundraising matrix that has been very helpful in our strategic planning with clients. They keep popping up.

So this frame of thinking caused me to construct the following matrix specifically geared to guide the planning of a basic social media work flow. There are plenty of comments and critiques you might make to it. I'd love to hear them.

So, based on this empty shell of a matrix, I have filled it in with sample recommendations we might make to a typical small to mid-size non profit client.
You can see the fictional parameters and constraints I have inserted. You can also see that there is an assumption that this hypothetical organization would have already jumped into facebook, twitter, blogging and youtube, without taking time to think through strategy or audience or resources. (sound familiar?)

So this might be you or your organization...

This leads us to having the freedom of turning this matrix on it's side to discover a daily task list for a single person to accomplish a cross platform engagement strategy in about 30 minutes per day. Here is what that might look like...

There is plenty to comment and critique here.
Please resist a critique of the tactics that are listed in the grid. I would much rather hear your comments on the planning tool itself.


  1. Mikey, this is great, thanks so much for sharing! I have a workshop coming up, would you mind if I used it and fed back any changes/revisions I make? Thanks again.


  2. Allison,

    I'd be happy for you to use it. Sorry it doesn't already have a creative commons logo on it. I used it this morning with a client and it seemed to resonate with them well. I am happy to hear your affirmation and have you use it, and yes - would love to see how you would improve upon it.

  3. Extremely useful. A remarkable tool. Thank you. Gretings from Costa Rica.

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  5. I think the first step of a successful social media plan is to know your brand and use this kind of tools to help you to become successful in your campaign.

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  8. Mikey,
    Thanks for sharing this great tool! We’d like to use it (with some modifications) in one of our on-line courses. Is it possible? We will credit you fully.
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  9. Thank you very much for sharing this Mikey! It is the best social media planner I have came across.

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