Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twitter Cage Match: Cardinals v Steelers

This has nothing to do with the responsiveness of corporations to social media.
It is simply a very fun way to engage and see the twittersphere.

You'll notice the overall numbers represented in this are pretty small, but it has a good sampling. Even if the entire twitterverse were represented, you would probably see the same effect.

I highly recommend choosing "player's names" and clicking play to see the progression. It is funny to watch Fitzgerald go crazy in the 4th quarter.

Play with this tool here.

This is the part of technology that is really enjoyable for me. Making observations about human behavior and aggregating data in real time to see the pulse of pop culture is very interesting. Digg has out with a few tools like this over the past few years that are just as engaging. Better than mindless screensavers.

It's funny that it feels like I can be one step removed from the technology when I'm making grand observations like this. I guess I don't mind being owned by my fascination with emerging technology as long as I have the freedom to withdraw from it without violating some new code of ethics.

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