Wednesday, February 4, 2009

in Beta

Accepting the Beta label for myself has been satisfying. It fits with my personality and temperament anyway.

I felt, at one time, that college graduation would somehow signify my full featured launch. Like several failed product roll-outs we have all seen, I now realize that graduation should have been viewed as a soft launch, barely alpha version. But I was so bold, I was determined to defend my alpha version as if it was the full featured version of myself.

Staying in Beta release mode is quite liberating. If the label is used as an excuse to bumble along and barely improve or change, I suppose that could be just as frustrating as a premature public launch. Being in Beta allows me the freedom of all kinds of exploration and change. I know that half the world would look at things the other way around...but I don't mind the ambiguity. This is how a tech hermit like me can work for a technology company.

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