Monday, February 2, 2009

Corporate Twitter Cage Match: DishNetwork v Direct TV

My last little experiment put Lowes head to head with HomeDeopt. You can read that here.

So I wanted to expand the research information and put Dish Network and DirectTV head to head in their twitter response time. I sent out this tweet.

You can see I stepped up the challenge by not putting the @ symbol in front of the name. They would have to monitor and respond to their search feeds to even know I asked them a question.

30 hours later, no response.
I followed up with this tweet...

Now my question will be more obvious and easier to be on their radar.

40 minutes later DirecTV hits me back with this little number.

DishNetwork has yet to respond. I'm sure I am lost to them in the twitter toilet, even though I'm just a few scrolls down the page if they were to search their own profile. At some point, I am going to need to be an angry consumer and put somebody through the ringer in order for this to be a serious rating system.

Dish, unfortunately, seems to be using this primarily as a way to get press releases and announcements out. They do seem to be engaging with the little twits, but not very often. Directv has far fewer broadcast announcements, and it shows that their approach to this is for listening and responding instead of broadcasting.

Unscientifically, I have engaged with 4 corporate entities.
100% have twitter profiles.
50% interacted with me on a direct question.
0% punched me in the throat
results have a +/-margin of 50%

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  1. Hey, what other Corporate Twitter cage matches would you suggest for me?