Sunday, April 5, 2009

Open Letter to Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG

As I was preparing a presentation on the use of social media by non profit fundraising, a case study developed in my head that was mostly prediction and prescription (so, not technically a case study).
I pulled out the slides that addressed the case study and turned it into an open letter to the foundation. Whether they consume the message or not doesn't matter. They are a progressive non profit that is obviously considering these ideas. I'm eager to see how it will actually work, once they decide to do it.

By the way, LIVESTRONG, when a techhermit like me gets on twitter, you know the noise and spam is coming. I would do something sooner than latter. Twitter has a few advantages over email for people who really care about Lance's tweets, but for those who don't follow him intensely, the noise is getting louder on twitter by the day.

I only follow 100 or so, and I'm thinking about eliminating the noise. But that's because I'm a tech hermit and I'm protecting my throat.