Thursday, January 29, 2009

1/2 second of my 15 minutes of fame

Most of my office mates are on twitter.
Most of them were on twitter very early. It's just who they are.
But not me, my cell phone isn't even text enabled.

"That's OK. You can tweet from your computer using tweetdeck."

I say, "No. It will own me."

Then a business associate at another company in Iowa says to me.

"I want to follow you on twitter, what's your twitter name?"

She says, "Follow Lance Armstrong, he is so interesting."

So the hermit signs up for his account, follows the people he knows in the office, follows the Iowa lady, and follows Lance.

She is right. He is interesting to follow.
A couple weeks into lurking around the whole thing, posting once a week, logging in twice a week. I go ahead and hit Lance with this...and he tweets me back!

Now I'm cranked.
Twitter is the best thing ever.
I am score-boarding the entire office.
I call my brother and tell him to sign up for twitter.
I feel like a piece of me has given over to the dark side as I bask in my glory.
A few seconds of my 15 minutes of fame ticked off... and went straight into the twitter toilet?

I can feel myself becoming different. Am I starting to become owned? Is this what it feels like? If I ever interrupt a conversation I am having with you by answering a tweet - punch me in the throat.


  1. i can't promise to punch you in the throat, but i can promise to interrupt a conversation i am having with you to answer a tweet

  2. When Lance said He would tweet from the race are you sure he wasn't referring to a bodily function? I mean maybe this is just a misunderstanding. You say tomato I say tomato you know, you say break wind he says tweet. I dunno I could be onto something here.


  3. Jack - Now that we know he answers his tweets... the mystery could be answered. Do you want to tweet the question?

    Bob - nice, you forgot to say "first"