Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dont Want A Blog

That was the title of my very first blog. I set it up three years ago just to experiment with the posting routine and the html and the whole process. I posted several items to just figure out embed code and such. -- I was hot stuff. But I wasn't going to be a blogger. That label ought to be reserved for a professional class anyway (the label, not the activity) I think the same thing about golf/golfer.

So it turns out that blogs are now the destination for content. Most everything else in the social media world works as a distribution channel.

So it feels that blogs have become the center of it all. The platform that the rest of social media propels itself from. Before blogs, what was at the center of it all? Newspapers? Publishing Companies? Media Conglomerates?
Do you think those people are freaking out right now?

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